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Retro Stitchery Retro Stitchery
Author: Beverly McCullough
ISBN: 9781683561217
Ascot Lane Code: TP 1560

Spend an evening stitching any of the designs in this book and you'll instantly remember what you've always loved about embroidery: it's fun, you can see the design quickly take shape right before your eyes and in the end you have a delightful piece to brighten your home. From beautiful florals to inspirational sayings to whimsical tacos (yes, tacos!), you'll find more than a dozen designs to make you smile. Beverly McCullough provides easy embroidery and finishing instructions so you can display pieces in hoops, on pillows or zip bags and even on cork and clothing.

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Category:  Books
Subcategory:  Embroidery
Status:  Current

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